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Come join us for a Global Village Square gathering

Hosted by an Israeli and a Palestinian, working together to promote dialogue and partnership between their people.

Founded eight years ago in Boise, The Center for Emerging Futures (CEF) is a non-profit organization that holds a gathering called Global Village Square (GVS) twice a year on the border between Israel and Palestine.

These gatherings help both sides find their shared humanity and produce exciting partnerships. CEF is not a political or religious organization; the focus is on creating an environment for learning about “the other”.

CEF is now bringing the Global Village Square to Boise ID and Tucson AZ. It’s a chance for local Muslims, Jews and others interested in what's happening in the Middle East neighborhood of our Global Village, to experience the connections these gatherings can create, and learn what happens on the ground in the Middle East from folks living it every day. During the event you’ll experience the social technologies that have been used successfully in Israel and Palestine, including Talking Piece, Storytelling, World Café and Open Space. These approaches are used to foster early and easy connections and determine any shared interests.

Participation is limited to 120 people, to maximize the effectiveness for everyone involved. Please register below to save your place at the GVS. $25 suggested contribution for conference expenses and lunch (contributions collected at the gathering).

Global Village Square
Boise, ID

Saturday, April 20 9am-4pm

Boise State University
Ron and Linda Yanke Family Research Center
220 E. Parkcenter Blvd.

Co-Sponsored by the Center for Emerging Futures and the Andrus Center for Public Policy

Global Village Square
Tucson, AZ

Saturday, April 27 9am-4pm

St. Francis in the Foothills Church
4625 E. River Rd.

Co-Sponsored by the Center for Emerging Futures, International Center for Peace and Justice and St. Francis in the Foothills

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