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The Center for Emerging Futures

Who CEF Is

The Center for Emerging Futures (CEF) was formed to gather resources that are directed toward addressing some of the most difficult situations that humans face. By focusing on fewer, rather than more issues, CEF hopes to have a real impact on people’s lives. It grew out of the dream of its founder, Whit Jones. He had been involved in other not-for-profit efforts including the Idaho Community Foundation and the Whittenberger Foundation and wanted to see if a small organization that proactively sought out targeted issues could have some meaningful impact.

What We Do

CEF has identified two issues we wish to focus our efforts on at this point – the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis and abuse and substance use issues for women and children, both in Idaho and the Middle East. CEF has regular activities in Israel and Palestine as part of its Middle East Program. It also supports projects at some Idaho-based programs for women and children through the Eric Jones Fund.

CEF hopes to identify new focus areas once the first two are better established.

Why CEF Exists

Whit and Paula recognized that their business and professional successes have blessed them and as they pass on leadership of their organization, Business Psychology Associates, to the next generation under their daughter, Sarah Woodley, they wanted to give back to their community.

They have an expansive definition of community that includes the Global Village and believe that to do their part to assure a safe and healthy life for the next generations, that we must all recognize our intimate relationship with the rest of the world.

They decided to start a foundation that would initially be very small but would attempt to begin work right away. Many others have joined Whit and Paula and are co-creating the Emerging Future of the Center for Emerging Futures.