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The Center for Emerging Futures

CEF Intitiatives

Middle East Program

CEF began its efforts in the Middle East in 2004 when Whit and Paula went to the area. They realized that although CEF was much too small to make a major impact in the region, if we were willing to focus on a few individuals, a few families, a few villages at a time the opportunities to be of service were unlimited.

Eric Jones Fund

The Eric Jones fund began in 2004 as a memorial to Whit and Paula Jones' son. He had always had special interest in the problems of women and children and wanted to help. His parents and many co-workers decided to create the Eric Jones Fund to commemorate Eric. The fund has made grants to women and children focused projects in both Idaho and the Middle East.

Fostering Other Projects

Through its offices in Boise, Idaho, Tel Aviv and Bethlehem, the Center for Emerging Futures (CEF) has identified projects which it assists with fund-raising, particularly in the Middle East.