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Whit Jones

Whit Jones is a retired psychologist and businessman who founded the Center for Emerging Futures. He believes that all world citizens are members of the Global Village and that peaceful relations and co-created projects in the Middle East are essential to the future of the Village. He and his wife, Paula, are regular visitors to Palestine and Israel.

Paula Jones

Paula Jones is a retired school teacher who helped found CEF and is an active participant in the Global Village Square gatherings. Much of her effort focuses on projects for women and children which bring them togetherwhile alleviating some of the consequences of living in an area of conflict.

Ibrahim Issa

co-manager (in Palestine)

The Managing Director of Hope Flower School of Peace

Eric Yellin

co-manager (in Israel)

Founder of Other Voice - Grassroots group from Sderot working on creating dialog and initiatives with neighbors from Gaza.

Also in the hosting team:

Naomi Levav Yoran (Israel)
Marwan Meqbil (Palestine)
Yael Oded (Israel)
Vera Jaqman (Palestine)
Maytal Shani (Israel)
Mohammad Qabajah (Palestine)